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Achievement First Amistad High School is a college-preparatory public charter school in New Haven, Connecticut. Achievement First Amistad High provides a life-altering education that prepares students for the opportunities and responsibilities they will face in college and beyond. The school was founded in 2006 based on one innovative premise: close the achievement gap by providing a prep-school-quality education to inner-city students. Achievement First Amistad High combines rigorous courses and high expectations with a host of support services more common at affluent and private high schools, including SAT prep, intensive college counseling, tutoring and explicit character education. Achievement First Amistad High is recognized as a national model of education reform, proving what is truly possible when urban students receive a world-class education.

Achievement First Amistad High has one goal: 100% of students will be accepted into four-year colleges and universities. The school prepares students to meet this goal by providing a challenging course of studies and supporting students in their growth outside the classroom. In the classrooms at Achievement First Amistad High, all students are prepared to take responsibility for their own learning. As students’ progress from grade 9 to 12, instruction shifts from a teacher-directed approach to student-led exchanges of ideas. Outside of class, students grow as athletes, volunteers, leaders and responsible community members through participation in the school’s extracurricular, athletic and arts programs.

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