Student Information Form

We need the most update information and will still require this form even if your scholar is transferring from an AF middle school.  Click here to download the student information form. 

Media Release Form


Alternate Transportation Form


Military Waiver Letter


Uniform Information



CT Immunization Requirements and Health Assessment Form


New Scholar Checklist for Parents

We love to showcase our scholars work and accomplishments.  We also try to provide professional pictures of special events like Senior Signing Day and Graduation.  This form is required in order for us to take pictures/videos of your scholar.  Click here to download the media release form. 

There are some incidents that may required your scholar to find a different means of transportation.  This form will allow us to be proactive and know how to send your scholar home. Click here to download the alternate transportation form.


The military will contact the school at least once a school  year.  Please complete this form and return it if you do not ant any information of your scholar released to the military recruiters.  Click here to download this form. 

Every scholar is required to come ready in uniform every day unless there is an approved dress down day.  It is very important to get uniforms from the vendors we have provided.  Dennis Uniform in Milford and Custom Tees Plus in New Haven.  Scholars will be checked every morning and consequences will occur for scholars who are out of uniform.  Click here to download the uniform information. 


This is a very important form to have on file especially if your scholar is looking to play sports.  Physicals only last 13 months.   Click here to download the immunization requirements.  Click here for the health assessment form. 


When coming from an Achievement First school there are some forms we already have on file like birth certificate.  This checklist is good to go through to make sure you have everything that is needed for your scholar to start school on the first day.  Click here to download this checklist.