Staff Directory

This list is sorted alphabetically by last name and by Leadership members, teachers, and support staff.


Cecil Barnes
Dean of School Culture

Jennifer Caruso
Dean of Special Services

David Constant
Academic Dean

Sandy Mackie
Director of School Operations

Arley Pekrul
Academic Dean

Emery Sykes
Dean of College

Josh Taylor
Academic Dean


Olivia Bedford
11th Grade American Literature & English Language and Composition Teacher

James Beller
9th Grade World History Teacher

Jeffrey Blaine
10th Grade Level Dean

Joe Bossio
Mixed Grade Physical Education & Health Teacher                                                                                           

Mychal Brown                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mixed Grade Teacher-in-Residence                                                                                                                      

Jesse Buccolo                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mixed Grade AP Seminar Teacher

Natalie Capogrossi
9th Grade Literature Teacher

Linda Clayton
10th Grade Science Teacher

Jessica Ellison
9th Grade Algebra Teacher

Sonya Felmly
Mixed Grade Physical Education and Health Teacher

Blake Fisher
AP US History Teacher, 11th Grade Level Chair

Stephen Glick
Literature Skills Teacher

William Holland
10th Grade Geometry Teacher

Curtis Henry
11th Grade History Teacher

Brian Ibarra
9th Grade Foundations of Leadership Teacher

Hannah Jeffries
9th Grade Seminar Teacher

Ann Johnson
10th Grade Special Services Teacher

Anne Johnson
12th Grade Biology Teacher & Science Dept. Chair

Christian Knauff
9th Grade Science Teacher

Mirljinda Krivca
11th/12th Math Teacher

Hanz Legaspi
Geometry Teacher

Charles Lein
Latin I Teacher

Jameon Moss

Carmen Palmer
11th Grade Special Services Teacher

Attallah Sheppard
Foundations of Leadership II Teacher

Kimberly Smith
9th Grade Literature Teacher

Ken Soder
AP World History Teacher

Timothy Shore
Statistics/AP Statistics Teacher

Emma Stankiewicz
Pre-AP Seminar Teacher

Rebecca Taylor
11th Grade Biology Teacher

Brenda Yanez
12th Grade Special Services Teacher


Support Staff

Marrie Ayub
Operations Coordinator of Student Life

Bryan Blackstone
Expulsion Tutor / Substitute

Michael Burke
ISC Coordinator

Peter Butler
School Counselor

Lauren Cohen
Summer Programs Coordinator

Laura Davidson MSW, LCSW
School Counselor

Yessenia Echevarria
Office Coordinator

Brenna Hodges
Student Services Manager

Jay Fellows
Director of Admissions & Athletics

Sandy Mackie
Director of School Operations

Josh Moore
Behavior Specialist                                                                                                                                                      

Heather Pascale
Technology/Operations Assistant

April Smoke-Collins MA, MS, LPC
School Counselor

Mike Thibodeau
Student Services Manager

Ebony West, MSM, MBA
Student Services Manager