Student Life

Service Learning

All students at AFAHS are required to complete 40 hours of service learning by the time they graduate. All of these hours must be logged with the school and are tracked on Infinite Campus. AFAHS recommends that scholars complete a portion of their community service hours during each of the four years they are enrolled, at an average of 10 hours per year. Community service done as restitution to the school or to the community as a result of a disciplinary action does not count towards the community service graduation requirement.  Only 10 service learning hours completed at an Achievement First organization will count towards the graduation requirements. Scholars are encouraged to seek outside of the Achievement First Community to obtain hours.  

Service Learning credit form can be downloaded here


Anime and Graphic Novels Club

  • The purpose of the AGNC is to unite people with similar interests and celebrate the culture that comes along with the appreciation of anime, manga, and comic books. We’re all here to learn about these things and understand that they’re more to us than just for the purposes of entertainment value like some people would think. Anime and graphic novels can teach us all about the important lessons in life and bring people together in a place that they expected to feel alone. We’re here to show our pride for being who we want to be by not being ashamed of our interests and what we love. Here at the AGNC, we are free to be ourselves.

Bars & Beats

  • The members of beats and bars aim to explore what it means to express, or have expressed one’s story through the medium of music. We will discuss trends in the hip-hop/R&B culture in which artist/musicians are making tremendous strides to propel the culture forward, we will also discuss those who are abusing the culture. We will also establish a community of creative where people can come and perfect the craft of rapping. There will be critical feedback given about ways in which scholars can develop as artist and praise for what they are already doing well

Dance Team

  • The Dance team allows members to experience the joy of dance and the pleasure of performing. Students engage in different styles of dance and learn to see dance as a way of expression. All levels of dance are welcomed!

Drum Line

  • The Amistad Drumline provides an opportunity for scholars to practice musicianship, marching and performing. Scholars engage in music literacy training, drill instruction and team building. Student leaders are empowered to teach and share their knowledge and skills while growing as a musician themselves. The engagement with these skills allows the line to perform at school assemblies, parades, and public events. The drumline promotes school spirit and excitement at athletic events. 


  • The Shutterbugs equip budding amateur photographers with the camera science knowledge, the entry level shooting equipment, the post-production training and experience, and self-advocacy and business skills to be highly qualified college photographers in photojournalism, art photography, and travel/landscape photography. 

Wolf Watch

  • Wolf Watch is a fully student run video news program that highlights events at Amistad High. The Wolf Watch team interviews, films, and produces a monthly program to shine light on the amazing things happening at our school. Wolf Watch is open to all scholars interested in media, news, communications, and the art of video production. 

Unified Theater

  • Unified Theater at Amistad High offers creative and leadership outlets for scholars of all grades, abilities, backgrounds and neighborhoods, dissolving typical barriers between youth. In the Unified Theater Club, young people with and without disabilities, of all backgrounds, come together as equals to put on a production. The production is entirely organized, written, and directed by the students themselves. The concept is simple: let students lead, let creativity rule, and put the Spotlight on Ability.

Club application can be downloaded by clicking here

Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf serves two important roles at AF Amistad High School: 

The Recognition of Consistently Outstanding Scholars:  Alpha Wolf serves to recognize scholars that consistently act as exemplary scholars.  These scholars consistently embody the core values of grit, leadership, integrity, excellence and independence.  Additional privileges and responsibilities are granted to college ready status scholars.  

Community Building and Role Models:  As leaders in the building, college ready scholars are expected to exemplify the core values at all times. Furthermore, they are expected to give back to the community by planning and executing school-wide events.  The Alpha Wolf Scholars Association is expected to plan at least one event in an academic year.

Alpha Wolf status application can be downloaded by clicking here

Student Government

The objective and purpose of student government is to represent the students of Amistad High School, voice the concerns and ideas of the students and unify the student body through social activities and community service opportunities. 

Honor Council

The Honor Council is an important collaboration between the students and adults to support the goal of academic integrity at Amistad High. Service on the Honor Council requires meaningful dedication and time commitment from all members. Maintaining confidentiality of all proceedings and one’s own personal record of integrity are essential requirements for participating on the Honor Council. 

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